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Why have we limited something as important as an interactive form of cultural expression to a term like “videogames”? Isn’t it true that it’s probably due to someone who a long time ago thought it would be fun to play games on a computer? They would play games. On a computer. They wouldn’t play videogames, no, they would play games on a computer.

Some engineers and software developers thought about this for a while after entering the videogames industry and realised they wanted something more. I won’t be naming them here since the name of their company isn’t the important thing (I’m sure you can figure it out on your own with a little bit of research) but recently they held their first event with the purpose of gathering developers of similiar minds and presenting their results. What can be explored? How far can we go?

I personally also believe that we’re restricted by the whole term “games” which is why I’d like to bash in the head of whoever said it first but even with such a limiting form we’ve been blessed with innovations like Fahrenheit and The Path. Two great examples of just how different games can be from one another rather than just having the exact same idea with their own twist.

Screenshot from "The Path"

I’d also like to say something in regard to the indie-developers out there. Don’t mistake indie-developers for innovative developers or companies that produce material of a different kind than the major ones. There are a ton of rip-offs out there and only a few really stand out. Don’t get me wrong, I love games. But I also love other things like taking a walk with friends, getting stressed out on facebook, breaking my Gameboy Advance SP in half when I get pissed off but when there is a whole other world… no, let me rephrase that, when there are billions of other possibilities that we haven’t explored I want to explore them. There’s nothing wrong with liking games the way they are, but the fact that we’ve become limited  by them or rather that we are and always have been limited by them is a painful fact.

Here’s an example of what can be done when you’re not limited by the word “game” or the criterias for being one:

So what I’d like to do is to create something entirely new, something that would serve as the creator for the category “games” on computers, and I’m not talking about “software”. The actual content already exists, but we need something that’s broader than just “videogames”. Making up a word based on the criteria for it to have a foundation in an or several actual words is hard, but for now I’ll settle with “interexperience”. It may sound ambitious but this, or a simplified form of it, is what I will call everything that resides within interactive experiences such as games or interexperience like The Path. Do you have any better ideas for the name or can you come up with a simplified form that is easy to remember and pronounce?

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